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Math, Reading or Science tutoring at home in-person or online in private or group sessions

Whether you need a math tutor at home, one-on-one chemistry tutoring or homework help in English or in French, Acadomia has experienced tutors in your area that will help your child improve his grades and gain confidence in his learning abilities.

We also offer affordable tutoring in small groups with a maximum of 5 students that can be held at our center*, at a student’s home or at a library conveniently located near the school. With our personalized tutoring programs in all academic subjects your son or daughter will boost his or her academic performance while strengthening their study skills. We have programs for elementary school, middle school and high school tutoring specializing International Studies (IS) programs.

*restrictions apply- outdoor seating only

Personalized tutoring adapted to the student’s program, skills and learning style

Our tutors provide tutoring in English or in French. In middle and high school, we have tutors in algebra, geometry, calculus, pre-calculus, civics, language arts, chemistry, biology, physics, French, Spanish, World history, European history or US history.

In elementary school we focus on study skills and make sure your child becomes confident with math and reading.

Learn French with Acadomia!
Language academy for all ages

Because of our French roots we have a vast range of expertise to help your child get stronger in the French language, prepare for the AP French or French SAT Subject Test.

We also offer strong support for students in ESOL programs in English.

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Our Tutoring Programs

  • Tutoring in private sessions – at home tutoring or online
    Monthly packages start at $219 for private sessions 


  • Homework Help in English or French for high school/college students
    Monthly packages start at $219


  • Test Prep:  SAT/ACT, SSAT/AP
    1-on-1 tutoring starts at $474 (6 hrs)
  • Tutoring Live: Acadomia Live, all the expertise of our tutors directly on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You live far from Miami or you need an expert Physics tutor in French, we can connect you with the tutor that fits your needs!
  • Guidance counseling services: Whether you wonder which high school is best suited for your child or you need help with college admissions we have specialists who can guide you to make the right choices. We offer college counseling for applications in the USA, Canada and Europe.

* Rates vary according to the package chosen

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