Improve your SAT®/ACT®/SSAT® Test scores with rigorous study strategies

Our SAT®/ACT® Test preparation programs accompany your Junior or Senior in the college admission process. With rigorous study strategies students improve their SAT® Verbal and Math scores rapidly. Weekly programs are designed to maximize the student’s performance. Students learn how to code each type of section, how to better manage time constraints and learn key test-taking tips. For the ACT® students will have an added focus on time management and the Math and Science sections. Our Test Prep program builds on the student’s strengths and focuses on delivering strong results. We also have SSAT® preparation courses for high school entrance exams.

Free SAT®/ACT® Practice Tests

We offer FREE Practice Tests* in our offices In South Miami to students who want to check their level on the SAT® or ACT® tests.

Review AP®/IB/EOC tests with Acadomia

We have a vast range of expertise to help your child prepare for AP exams in all subjects, in particular Calculus (AB/BC), Biology, Chemistry, French, English Language, Literature, US History, World and European History.

Our tutors prepare students for the IB exams HL and SL: Math SL, Math HL, Math Studies SL, French A HL, French B HL/SL., Chemistry HL/SL and Biology HL/SL.

Middle school and high school students who need to prepare for the EOC have access to full review programs in Biology, Civics, Algebra 1, Geometry .

Prepare for the French Baccalaureate

With our experienced French tutors students are able to review the subjects for the French Baccalaureate in private sessions or in small groups.  Français écrit/oral, Mathématiques, SVT, Physique-Chimie, Economie, Philosophie, Espagnol, Histoire/Géographie. With any package students get free access to Acadomia 365 for online review.

Our Tutoring Programs

    Tutoring in private or group sessions, at home or in a location that is convenient for the student and the tutor.
  • AP®, SAT®/ACT®, SAT ®Subject Tests, SSAT®.
  • Test Prep Packages start at $299
  • Free Practice Test at our center.

 * One free practice SAT or ACT test per student

**Rates vary according to the package chosen

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