Choosing a High School

How to choose a High School
How To choose a High school? Our HOW TO CHOOSE A HIGH SCHOOL Information Session last Thursday, March 1 in our Acadomia offices has been a huge success. We would like to particularly congratulate the students who came. They were very engaged and asked pertinent questions. We would also like to thank Ms Florence Ruit, IB Language Chair and French teacher at Coral Gables Senior High for her participation. There are many good choices. Each student should evaluate her strengths in order to choose a high school where she can excel academically and find extracurricular activities that will be rewarding. If you couldn’t attend or have questions or want to meet once you have the return of the Magnet selection March 15, we will be happy to discuss your child options in details. #highschool #magnetschool #doubleprogram #IBprogram #APtrack #chooseahighschool #counselor #highschoolcounselor

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