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Acadomia Is An Approved Provider for Tutoring Services

Acadomia/AF Tutoring is now officially approved by Step Up For Students Scholarships Florida! This not only reflects our dedication to providing top-quality educational services but also opens up new opportunities for Florida families seeking financial assistance for their children’s education. But what is Step Up Scholarships Florida and what are the benefits for your student.

How can Acadomia help?
By becoming an approved provider, Acadomia has demonstrated a commitment to meeting the high standards set by Step Up For Students. This means that eligible families can now use their scholarship funds to access Acadomia’s wide range of educational services, including tutoring, test preparation, and academic coaching. Our team of skilled and experienced educators is dedicated to helping each student achieve their full potential, and with the financial assistance provided by Step Up, more families can benefit from our services. We are A DIRECT PAY provider which means you do not have to advance the funds.

What is Step Up For Students Scholarships ?
Step Up For Students is a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to low-income and special-needs students in the state of Florida, empowering them to attend the schools that best fit their unique learning needs. Step Up offers multiple scholarship programs, such as the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, the Family Empowerment Scholarship, and the Hope Scholarship. You can learn more about these programs and eligibility requirements on the Step Up For Students Scholarships website.

How to Apply for Step Up Scholarships Florida?
If you believe your child may be eligible for a Step Up For Students Scholarship, the first step is to visit the Step Up Scholarships Florida application portal to begin the application process. The portal provides step-by-step instructions and guidance on the required documentation for each scholarship program. Be sure to apply early, as scholarship funds are limited and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities (FES-UA) helps parents to customize the education of their children with unique abilities & needs. Funds can be used toward a combination of products, programs, and approved providers, including schools, therapists, specialists, curriculum, technology and tutoring. Acadomia/AF Tutoring is a FES-UA approved provider, offering personalized tutoring for students in-person and online in multiple counties in Florida.

By partnering with Step Up for Students, we are now able to offer our comprehensive range of tutoring and academic support services to even more students in need. If you have any questions about how Acadomia can help your child succeed, contact us today at (305) 814-0035 and let’s discuss how we can support your family’s educational journey.

Is your child a FES-UA recipient?  Acadomia can help! Call today at (305) 814-0035 to book your free consultation or send an email to

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