Benefits of Tutoring for Elementary School Students in Florida


Most people think of tutoring as an intervention that only takes place when a student demonstrates that they are having difficulty in a certain subject. While that is definitely a good time to introduce tutoring, it is not the only time. It’s also good to include in your child’s schedule even when they are good at subjects. Tutors for elementary students with good grades help children improve their grades and skills even more. This can set them up for an even more successful future.

Math Tutoring For Elementary Students

Math is a dreaded subject for students of all ages and even adults! But the reason for this is often that they had a bad experience in one of their math classes growing up. Maybe they got frustrated that they were not understanding the material and gave up. This becomes a problem because math is a cumulative subject. Every new concept that is introduced builds upon the previous material. So, falling behind in understanding early on typically leads to more issues in the future.

For this exact reason, math tutors for elementary school students are almost always a good idea. Even if they seem to understand the material now, they can develop study skills, the confidence to ask questions, and more which will help them in their math classes as they grow older. 

Reading Tutoring For Elementary Students 

The elementary years are when your child goes from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” Strong reading skills make a huge difference in a student’s learning ability. Ensuring they have this ability to read early on gives them the capacity to learn independently and enjoy reading. Reading will also help them to excel in all the other subjects as well. They will be able to read the lesson and test instructions, textbooks, literature, and more.

Reading tutors for elementary students start by learning basic skills like vocabulary, spelling, and phonics. They’ll learn how to sound out words, build up their vocabulary, and master spelling. Then, as they continue through their elementary years and even beyond, they will have built the foundation for strong comprehension, critical thinking skills, and forming opinions about a piece.

Study Skills For Elementary Students

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For students in elementary school, a lot of our focus is on developing their study skills. After all, the earlier you can instill good habits in your child, the better. At Acadomia, we focus on developing these study skills that your child will be able to take with them throughout their entire academic career.

Proper study skills help students’ ability to absorb, organize, comprehend, and retain information. Mastering some of these techniques can be a game-changer for your child. It will also have a direct impact on how well they manage their learning both inside and outside of school. 

Below are some of the study skills and techniques that can be helpful for your student to learn:


These help students remember a list of facts or events in a particular order. They may be written as songs, phrases, rhymes, or acronyms. For example, students often use the phrase “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” to help them remember the math order of operations is “parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction.”

Active Listening

This is one of the most vital skills that your child could learn. No matter the subject and even outside of school, it is a useful tool. Active listening is about not only hearing the words someone else is saying, but the complete message from the words. This is often difficult for young students, as there is always a myriad of distractions. But with practice, it can become second nature to them.


This study skill is helpful for reading and literature classes. It means creating a picture or a series of pictures in one’s head while reading. Doing so helps the reader feel as though they are part of the action. As a result, the student often remembers more from the text than if they had read it without visualizing it. 

Small-Group vs One-On-One Tutoring Services for Elementary Students in Florida

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Besides finding the right tutors near you for elementary students, you’ll need to decide whether you want your child to participate in small group sessions or one-on-one tutoring. 

Benefits of Small Group Tutoring

One of the biggest benefits of small group tutoring is that the students tend to stay more engaged. With different personalities, perspectives, and learning styles working together, it creates a fun and engaging environment. Plus, if one student is struggling with a specific concept, another student might be able to explain how they got their answer. Hearing it from another student instead of the tutor makes it feel more like a discussion and less of a lecture.

Small group tutoring can also be helpful in building students’ confidence. For a shy elementary student, speaking up and asking a question in front of 20 or 30 students can seem scary. Doing the same thing in front of only a few people feels like a much lower-stakes environment. Students can start by taking small risks in the tutoring sessions and then becoming comfortable enough that they share their opinions confidently in the classroom.

Benefits of One-On-One Tutoring

Many elementary children struggle with the number of distractions that are in a typical classroom or a group tutoring session. One-on-one sessions mean there is only one person to focus on. The tutor will be able to create a quiet and relaxing environment that allows the student to focus on what they’re learning.

Another one of the biggest benefits of a one-on-one tutoring service is that the pacing can be changed to meet the needs of the student. Your student may breeze through some sections easily while others require a little bit more time and effort. Since your child is the only one in the session, the pace of the material can be customized specifically for them. Students will not get frustrated that they do not understand something and feel like they won’t get the opportunity to master it.

Acadomia Tutors Near Me For Elementary Students

If you’re looking for tutoring services for elementary students in Florida, look no further than Acadomia. Our tutors always personalize programs for specific students. We want to get to know what your child’s current skills are, what areas they have trouble with, and what kind of improvements you want to see. Then, we make sure our program serves those needs.

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