Does Online Tutoring Work For My Child?

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Making sure your child gets the quality education they deserve is an important goal for many parents. It can set them up for a very bright future, which is something every parent wants. As technology continues to advance and more academic activities go online, tutoring is no exception. Some of the best and most popular children’s tutoring services are now online options. But you may be wondering: what is the best online tutoring for my child? And are even the best online tutoring services really effective?

What Is Online Tutoring?

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First, we’ll start with what online tutoring is. Online tutoring is quite similar to online schooling, which you likely became familiar with during the pandemic. It is a virtual teaching practice that uses the internet, computer, or tablet, and possibly even other gadgets. The tutor and the student will meet via video call rather than meeting in person. 

Why Is Online Tutoring For Kids Ideal?

There are many reasons why online tutoring for kids is a good option. It offers many benefits to both the students and the parents that you often can’t get from traditional tutoring services.

Convenience and Flexibility

Online tutoring options offer much more flexibility and convenience than traditional in-person tutoring services do. This is largely because there is no commute involved. You do not have to worry about traffic to and from the tutoring center – it can all be done from anywhere your child has access to the internet. It also offers more options for tutors and courses. You have access to experienced tutors and diverse course options that you might not otherwise have access to in your location. 

High Tech But Personal

Research has shown that close relationships between students and teachers can have a big impact on the student’s performance. You may not think it, but online tutoring can offer that personal connection. It is certainly a better option than large group sessions at tutoring centers or automated online tools. For many, one-on-one online tutoring provides just the right balance of being personal and high-tech. 

Medium Students Understand

Whether you like it or not, many students are now more comfortable working on a computer than they are writing things with pen and paper. They may also be more familiar with learning from text and videos on a computer screen than in a traditional textbook. Although you may think it is sad, today’s students will not have to handwrite much later in their life. But, they will have to use technology extensively. You can embrace that with online tutoring.

Tips For Getting The Best Out of Children’s Online Tutoring

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If you still aren’t sure whether online tutoring is right for your child, you can go over these tips with them. These will help them have the most effective and enjoyable tutoring sessions.

Ask Lots of Questions

One of the best things about tutoring is that you get the chance to ask lots of questions. It’s not always possible in a large classroom setting for everyone to ask questions when they come up. Your child might struggle with shifting their mindset to knowing it’s okay to ask questions, but it will make a world of difference. However, treating the sessions as more of a conversation rather than a lecture makes it much more effective.

Take Breaks

It’s best to avoid having tutoring sessions either immediately after you finish school or another long period of study. Studies have shown that shorter intervals of learning with small breaks improve overall performance. So either schedule shorter sessions or at least ask your tutor to take a few breaks so you can stretch your legs and get a drink. Sitting in front of the computer screen for long periods of time can quickly become very tiring. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

We can all think of a few situations where we’ve been afraid to ask a question because we thought we might look silly. You assume that everybody knows the answer, but chances are that at least a few others are thinking the same thing. In an online tutoring session, you should never feel intimidated asking questions or for more help. Gaps in learning often begin because you didn’t understand a topic and then a new one that built on top of it was introduced. The sooner you ask for help, the sooner you can start understanding.

Find a Comfortable Place to Work

Different students prefer different learning environments. While some might enjoy background noise or music, others may need complete silence. It’s also important to sit at a table or desk. It might be tempting to lay on your couch or in bed, but this is not a good option. It can easily lead to bad posture and a neck ache, as well as make you less alert.

Online Tutoring Works

The best online tutoring services work! Several studies have demonstrated that online tutoring can, and does, lead to improved learning outcomes for many students. Online tutoring can increase the pace of learning, accuracy rate, engagement level, and confidence. Confidence goes a long way towards the success of your student in the long term. A student who feels confident in their abilities will be more likely to participate in class, answer questions, and be less afraid of making mistakes. These attributes will be beneficial not only in the classroom but in the workplace in the future.

Frequency Matters

While you might think a longer tutoring session is better, a recent study found that may not always be the case. Actually, the frequency of the sessions matters more than their duration when it comes to children’s tutoring services. The study looked at tutoring sessions of different durations from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. They found that longer sessions did not necessarily lead to better results. A couple of ten-minute sessions per week yields better results than one hour-long session every other week.

Acadomia Tutors Online

If you’re looking for tutoring services online, Acadomia is the place for you. Our tutors always personalize their programs for students. We want to get to know what your child’s current skills are, what areas they have trouble with, and what kind of improvements you want to see. Then, we make sure our program serves those needs.

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