How to choose a high school? In partnership with FIPA

Information session
Acadomia welcomed FIPA parents for a free information session on December 12, 2018. How to choose a high school? How to understand some of the popular rankings such as USNews or Niche? Where do students go after? How to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of some of the South Florida high schools.  Nathalie Ponak from Acadomia answered questions about the value of a double diploma, what APs to look for and how universities review a student’s transcript. Parents were reminded to apply before January 15 2019 for the Magnet programs.  Parents and their children in 7th and 8th grades attended the event in Acadomia’s Sunset office. A similar event is planned in January 2019 to help high school students understand the path to college. For parents who could not attend the information session please contact Nathalie at #acadomiaflorida #FIPA #highschool #magnetschools #dadeschools Need help improving your grades to be high school ready? Check our tutoring programs  

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