How to Find a Great Online Tutor for My Kid

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How to Find a Great Online Tutor for My Kid

Does your child need an academic boost, but you don’t know where to start? Learn how to find a great online tutor for kids. 

The internet has connected the world in a way few could have predicted. You can shop, speak to friends around the world, and share global news in real-time. You can also find a great online tutor for your child. This means your child can learn from the comfort of their home from experts located across the country and even across the world. 

The internet is expansive; that means there are a lot of online tutoring sites to choose from. You could start by googling, “How to find a great online tutor for my kid.” You might have even found this article through a similar search. Research is the number one step to learn how to find a great online tutor for kids. A quick google search will yield billions of results to sort through. This article will help you discern which online tutoring sites are worth the time and money. 

Online Tutoring Sites

Before you learn how to find a great online tutor for kids, you need to understand what online tutoring sites are and if they are right for your child.  

Online Tutoring Can Save Money

Not only are online tutoring programs carry a less expensive price tag in comparison to their in-person counterpart, but they also save on transportation costs and time. If you were to decide on in-person tutoring, you would need to take the time to get ready to leave the house, drive to the tutoring center, and drive back home when the session is over. 

For online tutoring, you only need to spare enough time to turn on your computer. Online tutoring saves on gas money and gives parents a few extra minutes to a few hours back to their day. This benefit also extends to the tutor. Cutting out the commute can give the tutor extra time to take on tutoring sessions. 

Use of Technology

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Students do not need to solely rely on pen and paper note taking. With the tutor’s permission, a student can record a lesson for later reference. If something in their notes does not make sense, they can open up the video for a refresher. If there was an excellent example explored during the lesson, but it was too complicated to write down effectively, it is right there in the video. 

Technology can also make lessons more engaging. Pulling up a video is as easy as switching screens. Animations, diagrams, and online learning games are all right at the student’s fingertips. 

Distance Is Not an Issue

The great thing about online tutoring sites is that they are accessible anywhere. You could be in California while your tutor is in Florida. You are not limited by the tutoring businesses in your area. Some places have very few tutoring businesses to choose from. Sometimes none of those places are quite right for the child. With online tutoring sites, you can access the best tutors from around the world.

Best Tutoring Websites

Now that you have decided that online tutoring is the best option for your child, you need to choose the best tutoring website. As you research the best tutoring websites, look for these characteristics.


Your child’s safety needs to be a top priority. Credible online tutoring sites will have safeguards in place to keep video calling sessions secure. They will run background checks on their tutors so that only reliable and trustworthy ones come into contact with your child


expert tutor

The best tutoring websites know what they are talking about. The tutors will have a track record of some sort to prove knowledge in the area they are tutoring. 

In addition to having expertise in their field, the tutor should know how to teach well. Teaching is a skill that not all experts possess. They should be able to take difficult topics and break them down into pieces the child can understand. 


The best online tutoring sites will have tutors who can keep your child engaged. Boredom gets in the way of learning, but if a tutor knows how to incorporate multimedia and games, or even if they just have the flexibility to try new teaching tactics the student will see greater success. 

Student-Tutor Matching

Every child has different needs. Learning how to find a great online tutor for your kids is not a lesson you need to learn on your own. The Online tutoring site you choose to use should have ways to match your child with the tutor who can best help them.

Ask Questions

Once you have a list of online tutoring sites to choose from, the next step in learning how to find a great online tutor for kids is to contact your top choices. While online tutoring businesses will have a lot of information on their websites, the best way to get a feel for which online tutoring sites are a good fit for your child is to reach out and ask questions. Ask about their teaching style, how they evaluate student needs, and what the outcomes of prior clients looked like. Not only will you get answers about how they operate, but you can also get a feel for the company as a whole. As you speak to them, ask yourself if you could see your child receiving tutoring from this online tutoring site.

Online Tutor for Kids

The right online tutor for kids will help your child flourish. Now that you know how to find a great online tutor for kids, you can put that knowledge into action.

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